Ernie Sims Out After Appendectomy


The Indianapolis Star reports today that Colts linebacker Ernie Sims will miss two weeks after having undergoing an appendectomy on Sunday.  Sims was one of three defensive free agents, along with DT Tommie Harris and DE Jamaal Anderson, that the Colts picked up last week, and he was giving Kavell Conner strong competition at weak-side linebacker.   That position opened up when Clint Session signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars in July.

Conner was sidelined late last week with a dislocated pinkie, and Sims made some big hits in Saturday’s Blue v. White scrimmage.   After those developments, I thought that Sims had the inside track to the starting job, but it’s almost impossible to see him opening the season as the starter now.  Conner did a solid job when Session was injured last season, so most Colts fans were looking forward to seeing what he could do over a full season before Sims signed on.  Sims’ loss is still a blow to the Colts, though, because this defense needs to be as stout as possible, and he looked like a real comer.

I guess THAT will teach the Colts a lesson about dabbling in free agency!