Fili Moala Convicted of Drunk Driving


For the second time in three weeks, alcohol has led to some problems for a Colts player.   On July 17, Jerry Hughes was arrested for public intoxication in Dallas just as the NFL news mill was warming up.   Now that we’ve already slammed down most of the juicy morsels from free agency and the new CBA, DT Fili Moala has been convicted of drunk driving while speeding through downtown Indianapolis last September.  Moala avoided jail time but received 180 days probation and had his driver’s license suspended for 90 days.    The good news for Colts fans is that this is the first bad news we’ve had in a few days after a ho-hum start to the official off-season gave way to a flurry of roster moves with the potential to help the team quite a bit this season.

Now, if the Colts can stop acting like the old Pacers, we can really get down to the business of crafting a memorable season.