Colts Have Cap


The past week has been a pretty fun time to be a Colts fan, especially if you ignore the big free agent splashes that some other teams around the league have been making.  Chris Polian and company have done a good job of keeping the players it really needs, signed all of their draft picks, nabbed some undrafted free agents and even uncharacteristically dabbled in the free agent market to (hopefully) plug some of the holes on defense.  And you know what’s pretty amazing about all of this?  They may not be done yet.

According to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk, the Colts now stand almost $16 million under the salary cap.  That actually puts them a smidge under the salary floor, but that won’t be enforced on a team-by-team basis until 2013, so further spending is up to the Colts.    How about a little more help at safety or cornerback?