Colts Sign Former Bears DT Tommie Harris


Sean Jenkins at the Chicago Sun-Times reports tonight that the Colts have signed former Bears DT Tommie Harris to a one-year deal.   Harris was the Bears’ first-round pick (14th overall) in 2004 and made three Pro Bowls playing for Chicago.   A few years ago, he was arguably the toughest run stuffer in the NFL, but injuries and age have caught up with him a bit in the last couple of seasons.   He only started six games last season and recorded just one-and-a-half sacks.  I assume that he comes at a bargain price, so he is the classic low-risk, high-reward (potentially) pick-up that has colored the Colts’ free agent activity over the last 24 hours.   Last night, Indianapolis signed former Falcons DE Jamaal Anderson, and this morning they grabbed former Lions LB Ernie Sims.

These guys are no longer primetime material, but they have the potential to be big upgrades for the Colts this season.  Even if just one of them pans out, that much better than what the Colts usually manage to pluck from the free agent market.   Cross your fingers, folks!