Colts Open Training Camp Amid Late Flurry of Activity


After a long, slow and sometimes acrimonious off-season punctuated by the NFL lockout, the Indianapolis Colts will report to training camp today in Anderson to prepare for what we all hope will be a history-making campaign.  During the last week, when NFL teams have compressed several months’ worth of business into a few days of post-lockout splendor, the Colts took a lot of gruff for making very little noise of their own.  The last couple of days, though, have been a flurry of Blue and White activity that leaves us, breathless, on the doorstep of an exciting season.   Here is a brief review of what has transpired over the last six days as the Colts check in:

And today, training camp will open in Anderson.   And, despite it all, we’re right on schedule and looking toward Super Bowl XLVI.

Go Colts!