Colts Keep Four Free Agents


On the first day of training camp, the Colts finally made a big free agent splash … well, OK, not really a splash, but they did drop a few pebbles into their own FA pond by re-signing defensive tackle Eric Foster, offensive guard Kyle DeVan, offensive tackle Michael Toudouze and defensive tackle Antonio Johnson.    Foster, DeVan and Johnson are all starters whose return gives the Colts some continuity as they gear up for this season.   Say what you will about how boring the Colts are at times, but they know what to expect from these guys, and having players who work well with each other will be more important than ever this year as the NFL comes out of the lockout.  The Colts need to make some improvements for sure (left tackle, run stuffing, special teams), but the status quo has served them fairly well in the last 12 seasons.   Looks like we’ll get a chance to see if the same holds this time around.