Jim Caldwell Explains Frank Reich-Ron Turner Switch


As Paul Kuharsky reported on ESPN.com, Jim Caldwell finally looked the media square in the eyes at his  pre-camp presser and fully explained why he traded quarterbacks coach Frank Reich for receivers coach Ron Turner and a player to be named later:

"We made an adjustment with Ron going to quarterbacks and Frank going to wide receivers. With that, my job is to look at the overall staff to see where things can be more efficient. That was a position in which both guys had been skill guys for the most part. But I also had to look at how we operate overall, and I thought we’d be more efficient making the switch there."

Sweet!  Now we know EXACTLY what’s going on here.  No Peyton Manning beef with Reich, no political undercurrents, no change-for-change-sake by Caldwell to make it look like he’s doing something to mask the o-line problems.   I totally agree with Kuharsky here: it’s great to know that the offense will be more efficient this year.   (In case you didn’t hear it, my rolling eyes just collided with the tongue in my cheek.)

This is one of those great Colts mysteries that we’ll probably never know the answer to, like: What was Marvin Harrison’s real identity?  What really happened to Jim Harbaugh’s Hail Mary in Pittsburgh?  Steve Emtman, Trev Alberts, really?    If this latest change doesn’t work out, maybe Caldwell can squeeze some further efficiency from his coaches by putting Turner at LT and Reich on the D-line.