Texans add Joseph to their 31st ranked secondary


Another free agent is coming off the board, and when I heard it was a corner going to Houson, I was a bit worried that Nnamdi Asomugah was on his way to the AFC South. The Texans didn’t win the Nnamdi sweepstakes, but get a nice consolation prize by signing former Bengal Jonathan Joseph to a five-year deal.

Joseph was considered the Bengals top cornerback and had 14 career interceptions for the team in Cincinnati.   Given that there aren’t many big play receivers in the AFC Central, though, he may not be as tested as the Texans hope. The AFC South loves to pass the ball, and that’s  especially true for our own Peyton Manning and the Colts, who have a deadly array of receivers and the league’s best quarterback. So Joseph will get tested this season, without a doubt.

The Texans are definitely looking to improve their 31st ranked pass defense, by adding Joseph and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Phillips may have been pushed out of Dallas, but he still has the ability to coach up a defense. The opening day matchup in Houston is getting closer every day should be a good one.