Can Manning Do It All?


Gary Varvel’s spot-on talents were on display yesterday via a Twitpic posted by the Indianapolis Star.   In case you missed it, here is the latest masterpiece:

Look, I think Manning is the greatest thing that has happened to Indy, from a team sports perspective, maybe ever.   I think he should get paid, and he will.   Colts owner Jim Irsay has repeatedly said that he’ll make Manning the highest-paid player in NFL history, and I take him at his word on that.   But the continued silence from Number 18 and the prolonged negotiations (about two years’ worth) make this seem almost like a holdout situation.   Whether Manning gets $20 million or $23 million or $50 million, let’s just get it done and then let the franchise pick up whatever pieces break off in the process.

What’s really funny about Larson’s cartoon, I think, is that it’s a pretty good representation of the Colts O-line, even before Manning breaks the bank.   Saturday is a rock, but there are questions and free agents and holes all over the place.