Reggie Bush Conditionally Traded from Saints to Dolphins


Jay Glazer of FOXSports reported early this morning that Reggie Bush has been “conditionally” traded from the New Orleans Saints to the Miami Dolphins.  The condition, apparently, is that Bush will have to agree to a new contract before the deal is finalized.  These trade-sign-finalize scenarios usually work out in favor of the player in question, who typically wants a raise or an extension to leave his adopted hometown.  As USA Today details, though, a new deal probably won’t be a great thing for Bush financially.  Specifically, he’s almost certainly going to take a pay cut from the nearly $12 million that he’s due in the last year of his rookie deal.    He’s exciting, he can dominate for stretches, but he’s had injuries and is not a featured back.

I think this is actually good news for the Colts, since it removes Bush from consideration.   There have been a lot of rumors about his coming to Indianapolis, but I think he’d be too expensive for an Indy franchise already having salary cap issues, and the Colts have a lot of traffic at RB anyway.  If nothing else, we can turn our focus to other gossip.