New England Patriots Trade for Albert Haynesworth


It’s a beautiful morning to be a Colts fan.  Peyton Manning hasn’t signed a new contract, Clint Session may be gone, division rivals are improving and … Albert Haynesworth is a New England Patriot!  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Washington Redskins traded the troubled defensive lineman to the Pats for a fifth-round draft pick in 2013.

Haynesworth has been an unqualified mess since landing in Washington after signing his rich ($115 million) free agent contract with the ‘Skins in 2009, but if there is anything that can straighten out a player, it’s a winning franchise.   And Bill Belichick,  as much as I can’t stand him when the Colts play the Patriots, has shown that he can handle twisted talented and make it work with his team (see Moss, Randy).  My guess is that Haynseworth will see a rebirth in Boston, and Peyton Manning will have a new pain in the neck to worry about when Indy travels to Gillette on December 4.