Colts Rumors Focus on Their Own Free Agents


The Indianapolis Colts’ rivals have been making a splash in the headlines during this week of free agency, trades and releases:  the Titans swapped out Vince Young for Matt Hasselbeck, the Patriots picked up Albert Haynesworth (and herniated a disk in the process), and the Texans and Jets are in on Nnamdi Asomugha.   The Colts, meanwhile, have been quiet as usual, signing a bunch of undrafted rookie free agents, cutting ties with some of their own players and re-upping with a couple of others.  As we head toward the weekend and the opening of training camp, a few unexciting but important issues are causing a buzz among Colts fans.

Peyton Manning’s contract:   The current sentiment among most observers is that the Manning deal will get done in the next few days, to the tune of about $20 million per year for five years.  That’s not as much as Manning wants, but there is growing angst among the fanbase about whether the Colts can be competitive while paying Number 18 even that measly sum.

Clint Session’s dalliance with Jacksonville: To hear the free agent linebacker’s agent tell it, there seems to be a two-way love affair going on between Clint and the Jaguars.   We’ve been reading that for a day now, though, so there must have been a snag on the way to the altar.   Maybe the union just doesn’t look as good in the light of day.

Joseph Addai’s status:  Free agent Addai is one of the keystones to the Colts’ current offense, whether Indy fans want to admit it or not.  Recent Tweets are almost universally negative in regard to Addai’s return, and that would leave a huge, gaping hole for the team to fill.

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