Chad Ochocinco Goes to New England Patriots


The indignities just keep coming for Colts fans today.  Seems as if all of our old nemeses are making big strides toward having a big year, and the latest news is that the Bengals have traded receiver Chad Ochocinco to the New England Patriots.  According to an ESPN report, Ochocinco will get a three-year contract extension that restructures his current pay scale to fit in the Patriots’ salary cap.  While I don’t necessarily wish that Ochocinco were coming to Indy, I sure don’t want him to go to the Patriots.

For all the drama that Ochocinco creates, he is still a darn productive receiver, logging 67 catches for 831 yard in what could be considered a down year last season.  He’s 33 years old but keeps himself in great shape and could probably help just about any team in the NFL.   With the Pats and Tom Brady, though, Ochocinco could be dynamite.    While I don’t necessarily expect him to repeat the record-setting performance that Randy Moss turned in with Brady guiding him a few years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised to see peak-level production from #85 again (if he can score that jersey).

Once again, December 4 in Boston could be a mess for the Colts.