Colts Training Camp Schedule Released


The Indianapolis Star published to Colts’ full training camp schedule today, and things get rolling when the team reports to Anderson on Sunday, July 31.   After the lockout ended, there was some confusion about whether the Colts would be forced by the new agreement to open camp on Friday, two days early, but they are apparently adhering to their original schedule (i.e., the July 31 opening date).  Of course, even a week ago, Anderson residents and officials were nervous about whether or not training camp would happen at all.   For the struggling city to get the whole shebang fully intact is great news all the way around.

The Colts will play their first pre-season game, on the road against the St. Louis Rams, while training camp is still in session before closing up shop in Anderson on  August 18.   The team will then play three more pre-season games before traveling to Houston for the season opener on September 11.  Colts practices are open and free to the public, but there will be a parking fee levied by Anderson University, whose facilities the team uses during camp.