Colts In Market for Veteran Quarterback?


Despite reports that Peyton Manning’s neck is suddenly healing at a much faster rate, the Indianapolis Colts appear to finally be seriously considering signing a solid backup quarterback.    ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said tonight that Indy is actively exploring the market for veteran signal callers.   While such a signing would ostensibly a fallback plan in case Manning can’t go at the beginning of the regular season, the Colts may also be realizing that Number 18 is showing some wear and tear and might need an occasional rest.

So, who might the Colts target as a second option?   Well, presumably the team would be looking for a guy who has shown the ability to lead drives and win a few games, but who doesn’t have realistic hopes of being a franchise quarterback (i.e., won’t cost an arm and a leg).   A glance through the NFL’s official free agent list reveals a few possible candidates: Marc Bulger, Chad Pennington, Jim Sorgi.    Yes, that’s right, Sorgi is available again, and he certainly knows a lot about the Colts.  He has done most of what little Manning-replacement has been needed over the last dozen years, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Colts at least talk to him.