Are Colts Done Maneuvering at Quarterback?


During a busy day of signing undrafted rookie free agents, the Indianapolis Colts also made some ripples in local and national news by signing two more quarterbacks to join Curtis Painter in Peyton Manning’s stable of backups.  Nate Davis, the former Ball State star selected in the fifth round by the Niners in 2009 reportedly signed a two-year deal.   The Colts also picked up Mike Hartline, another undrafted rookie who was a headliner at Kentucky.  Chris Mortensen told us last night on Sports Center that the Colts were in the market for a veteran backup as insurance for Manning, so the question is, do these guys satisfy that criteria, or is there something else in the works.

Personally, I would feel a lot better if the Colts had a more seasoned arm in the fold to come in should Manning miss significant time at the start of the season, or *cringe* go down with another injury.   I find it hard to believ that Harline, Davis or Painter could give this team much hope of winning over a span of games, and the franchise is in a place in its life where it needs to win … now!    Of course, if Manning were to be knocked out, I guess the Colts could pick up a veteran free agent when that happens.   Donovan McNabb may still be looking for work after all the musical chairs shake out after the preseason, and there will undoubtedly be others available, as well.