Naptown’s Finest Gearing Up For 2011 Colts Season!


Greetings fellow Colts fans!   My name is Adam Hughes, and I feel fortunate to have been named the new editor here at Naptown’s Finest.  I wanted to take a few lines to introduce myself before we get into the meat of ramping up for the 2011 NFL season.

I was just a boy when the Mayflower vans arrived from Baltimore on a snowy night in 1984, but I instantly locked onto the Horseshoes as my team.  From Mike Pagel’s “splendor” to Jim Harbaugh’s Hail Mary to Peyton Manning’s triumph,  I’ve lived and loved the whole Colts soap opera.   I hope to bring my passion for the Blue and White to these pages, and I really think we can make this Naptown’s finest landing page for Colts fans.   Now, on with the show …

Hooves Thundering In The Distance, But Getting Closer 

It’s been a long, nervous off-season for everyone involved or interested in the NFL, but it’s looking more and more likely that we’re going to escape the lockout without much damage in terms of lost games.  For Indianapolis in particular, this is great news, since Super Bowl XLVI is scheduled to descend upon us in February.  Before the Colts start marching toward their destiny as the first merger-era team to win an NFL championship at home, though, there are some issues lingering from the last few months of inactivity that I’d like to cover, starting with why Peyton Manning’s health might get to be a real pain in the neck if the Colts don’t get him a real backup, and very soon.   Stay tuned!