Wanted: Colts Editor


If you’ve ever wanted to write about your favorite football team and maybe even make a little bit of extra cash on the site, then FanSided wants to hear from you.

We are currently looking for an Editor and new Staff Writers for our Indianapolis Colts site Napstown’s Finest. We need someone who is dedicated and interested in no just writing about the Colts but also in making NF the best Colts site on the internet. We want someone who is internet savvy and who understand the social media game.

This is a paid position. While not a full time job, FanSided Editors can qualify for our very competitive revenue sharing program should they qualify. More on that later.

First, we need to hear from you. If you are interested in the position of Editor, please submit a 500 word writing sample to patrick.arrowheadaddict@gmail.com.There is no deadline for submissions. We will make a hire as soon as we find the right applicant so do not delay.

Note that Editors are required to update their sites every single day. Please do not apply unless you will be able to meet that requirement.

Thanks and Go Colts!