Do the Indianapolis Colts really need Joseph Addai?

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The Colts aren’t paper thin at the running back position with Donald Brown, Javarris James and potentially Mike Hart still on the roster depth won’t be a problem if Addai isn’t resigned. All the however aren’t the total package like Addai is at running back. Many times in the first two years of his career Brown has struggled when it comes to pass protection it often looks like he misses calls and isn’t on the same page. There is definitely no denying his talent, Brown can run the ball effectively against opposing defenses the problem with pass protection however is very obvious and can’t happen in a blitz happy league while Peyton Manning is taking snaps.

It’s more of the same for Hart and James who are both pretty good running backs but don’t quite jell as nicely in pass protection. When Addai was out, Manning saw the worst three game stretch of his career as the Colts went 0-3 and Manning threw eight touchdowns to eleven interceptions. All three games had one thing in common and that was horrific pass protection and the lack of a quality running game where no Colts running back rushed for over 100 yards.

As soon as contract talks can once again start and this whole CBA business is behind us Addai will be sought out by many teams looking for running back depth. The Colts will be a pass first team as long as Manning is under center but the team has had some of its better seasons when they complement their passing game with a solid running game. If Brown, James and Hart are the answer then I wish Addai good luck with his next team, but if they aren’t I would expect the Colts to re-sign Addai if the price is right of course.