Do the Indianapolis Colts really need Joseph Addai?

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I wouldn’t say it’s the end of the world if the Colts can’t re-sign starter Joseph Addai even though I would love to see him back in a Colts uniform I want him to be signed for the right price. Especially since Addai helped the Colts win the Super Bowl back in 2006 there is no doubting his ability to play the position when he is healthy Addai fits perfectly with Colts offense. He can pass block, runs the ball very well and can be shifty and avoid tackles when necessary something the other backs struggle at doing. The downside to resigning Addai are the injury issues not all of his injuries cause him to miss games either this past season was the first time he missed significant time (8 games) what has happened in the past is he’ll start but get hurt in the middle of the game which I can only imagine is a pain to plan around.