This past offseason the Colts cut offensive guard Ryan Lilja with hop..."/>

This past offseason the Colts cut offensive guard Ryan Lilja with hop..."/>

Indianapolis Colts: Mike Pouncey should be a target at 2011 NFL Draft

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There are some concerns of mine about drafting Pouncey while he may be able to step in and play guard right away there will be some concerns in pass protection. He doesn’t look bad one on one sometimes he looked pretty dominant, it will be his protection against the blitz where he will need to improve. Against better competition such as LSU or Alabama, Pouncey struggled against the blitz always seemed to allow a free guy and always seemed to get beat whenever someone was blitzing.

It all depends on how he does at the combine and if he even falls to the Colts at 22. The Colts were very weak up the middle on offense the addition of Pouncey would provide some much needed toughness. Pouncey could also be groomed as a potential replacement for Saturday, who will be in his 13th year in the league. Saturday is the anchor to the offensive line and replacing him will be no easy task, so why not bring in Pouncey if he is available to add some stability for the future?

In a blitz happy league this will be concerning for teams looking to draft Pouncey the physical tools are there, it’ll come down to whether teams think he will spend time in the film room to study opposing defensive coordinators. The Colts should take a chance on Pouncey the reward definitely outweighs the risk and they would be adding a player for the future on this aging offensive line.