Indianapolis Colts: Mike Pouncey should be a target at 2011 NFL Draft

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This past offseason the Colts cut offensive guard Ryan Lilja with hopes of improving the offensive line. Well things didn’t quite go as planned Lilja signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and helped them lead the league in rushing while the Colts finished 29th overall. Center Jeff Saturday isn’t getting any younger and this offensive line lacks toughness when it comes to running the ball, which is why the Colts should take a chance and draft Mike Pouncey from the University of Florida.

At 6’5” and 305 lbs., the brother of Maurkice Pouncey who was a standout rookie for the Pittsburgh Steelers shows similar toughness to his brother and did a great job opening holes for the Gator running backs. While watching games of his this year I noticed was he moved around a lot, he would do a good job of sealing his guy away from the play then moving into the linebackers to lay some blocks. Pouncey was very effective from the center position and also played some guard while his brother was still at Florida.