Brent Celek Thought Dwight Freeney Quit


According to the Indianapolis Star, Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek thought Dwight Freeney quit in the the Colts’ 26-24 loss to them. Celek had no catches, but spent the game blocking. He went on a Philadelphia radio station saying the following.

“He was so frustrated, mad,” Celek said. “You could tell after a few guys hit him, he would just kind of quit on a play.”

When Freeney heard this interview, he thought it was kind of funny to him.

“A guy who doesn’t block me one-on-one. He had two other guys helping him or another guy helping him and he’s talking trash after the fact,” Freeney said. “I wish I heard some of that during the game. But I didn’t hear it.

“It is what it is. They won. Hats off to him and them. I’ll probably see him again.”