Favre Admits to Voicemails, Vick To Start Again, and More NFL News


According to the Associated Press, Brett Favre admitted to sending voicemails to Jenn Sterger when he was with the New York Jets. However, Favre denied sending her nude pictures of himself.

The NFL is investigating this. Sterger has yet to decide on whether she will talk to the league or not about this situation.

According to Sterger’s spokesman, Phil Reese, Jenn is strongly considering to talking to the league.

“We have an ongoing dialogue with the NFL,” Reese said. “What we’ve been talking about is having Jenn come in. Like I have said, she is strongly considering it. Ultimately this decision is hers and hers alone.”

Reese was asked of what Favre said about not sending nude photos, but about admitting to voicemails.

“We’re currently in the fact-gathering stage; all I’m doing is dealing with facts. Unfortunately the person in the pictures didn’t also hold up their driver’s license, so I’m not going to speculate as far as identity. But I’m working with people to diligently get all the facts,” he replied.

Sterger has not yet commented about what has happened lately. She is currently one of the hosts on Versus network.

“Send me a text. Love to see you tonight,” one voicemail said.

Favre was interviewed by one of the league officials on Tuesday. There has been no indication of what had happened in the Favre’s chat with them.

“That’s a league issue,” Favre said this week as Minnesota prepared to play Green Bay, “that I just have to leave at that.”

Favre’s wife, Deanna, hasn’t gone into details about these allegations as well.

“At this point we have not reached any conclusions,” Greg Aiello, an NFL spokesman, said. “We will continue to pursue opportunities to speak with individuals that potentially have information.”

Favre tried contacting Sterger again last June, according to the New York Post. Reese chose not to give details about this on whether there were multiple calls or not.

Michael Vick to Start Again

After Kevin Kolb’s stellar performances, many would think they would start him again instead of Michael Vick. It appears that will not be the case. Andy Reid told the Associated Press that the Philadelphia Eagles will start Vick after the team’s bye week. They will face the Indianapolis Colts, which is on November 7th.

Reid made a short, quick response to the question of who will start.

“It’s Mike,” Reid said.

Vick doesn’t know if he is 100-percent healthy or that if his ribs are completely fine. But once the game comes up, he has already had about three weeks of rest. Vick said he will know once he gets hit.

“I’ve got some time to heal, some more time to get stronger. If they really needed me down the line, I probably could have [played],” Vick said. “If Kevin or Mike [Kafka] would have went down, I could have gotten through.”

Vick has top rating in the NFL with a 108.8 rating.

Kolb had a decent performance in the Eagles 37-19 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Coach Reid said that Kolb was pretty much up and down.

“He had some good plays, phenomenal plays,” Reid said. “We’ve got to continue to work with the pressure and make sure that we protect him. We’ve got to make sure we give him the right plays.”

Kolb was disappointed of the latest news of that Vick is starter again.

“I enjoy playing out there, and I want to continue to play. But, I’ll say it again, I always trust him [Reid]. And I trust him now,” Kolb said.

All I am going to say is this: Kolb, you had your chance to prove yourself at the start, and you blew it. Face it, Vick is more of a playmaker. You can just pass. Vick can pass, and run. I’d take Vick over Kolb anyday.

Max Hall Out

Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Max Hall came out of a game versus the Seattle Seahawks in the third quarter. The team said that he had a blow to the head.

Hall was hit hard from the blind side by defensive Chris Clemons. Hall would fumble. On the next possession, Derek Anderson would come in and fill in for him.

Hall was struggling in the game, going four-of-16 for 35 yards and an interception in his first road game. Hall was just coming off a stellar performance over the New Orleans Saints, bringing in a surprising win.

Steelers Lose Two Important Defensive Stoppers

Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive end Aaron Smith could miss part of the season again like last year. After the Steelers 23-22 win over the Miami Dolphins, coach Mike Tomlin announced that Smith has a torn triceps injury on the left side.

Other players that left the game were tackle Flozell Adams and linebacker Lamarr Woodley. Adams was pass blocking until defensive end Randy Starks stepped right on top of his ankle.

Woodley was a defensive stopper and had a great season regarding sacks with the Steelers.