Vikings Should Be Able to Get It Back Together With Randy Moss’s Return


Back in the 2007 NFL off-season, Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver Randy Moss was frustrated with his team. The Raiders had a great signing in Moss, but he didn’t live up to it. He was solid in Minnesota. The Raiders looked as if that they were going to trade him.

The teams that were in battle were basically the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots, who wanted to make a leap for the Pro-Bowl receiver. Brett Favre and Tom Brady could both really use a guy like Moss.

Favre was pushing for the Packers to get Moss. Imagine a combination of one of the league’s best quarterbacks of all-time pairing up with one of the league’s best wide receivers of all-time.

A combination of Favre and Moss would be scary.


An Exorcist type of movie for cornerbacks.

Yeah, it was that scary.

But the deal never got through for the Packers, and the Patriots ended up with Moss by giving up just a fourth-round draft-pick. With that, the Patriots rolled for the next three years with Moss as they had a Super Bowl appearance. Moss would end his Pats’ career with 50 touchdowns!

This season, Moss had to tell the media something. He said he felt like this would be his last season in New England. He said it’s business. He said he feels like he is not wanted in the locker room.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were telling him something different. They brainwashed Moss. They used him for their own needs. If it weren’t for Moss, Brady wouldn’t have gotten his 50 touchdowns in a season. Wes Welker wouldn’t have gotten as much of attention. Bill Belichick wouldn’t have had his undefeated season.

Moss was a huge key to success in all of this.

Then he had a dispute with the coaches. And Moss demanded a trade.

That week, Brady seemed like he didn’t care. He probably doesn’t know what is coming to him. So Brady, contact Deion Branch. You do that. Let’s see how that works out.

Meanwhile, Moss got traded. All the Vikes had to do was give up a third-round draft pick. And now Moss is there’s. At 33 years old, it doesn’t matter, really. So what if Moss is a bit old? He has a lot of good, solid years left in him. And with Brett Favre, there’s no question when he would end his career.

“I’m very fortunate to be back home where it all started,” said Moss, the West Virginia native who referred to Minnesota as home seven times Thursday. “It’s been a hectic last 48 hours. I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m back home.”

Moss is back in Minnesota where it all started.

We remember all the good times, and the all the great things he has done.

He had a miraculous rookie year, having 17 touchdowns and making a great pair with legendary receiver, Cris Carter. This would help out Randall Cunningham gets his stats and made him look like a better quarterback than he already was.

Now it is time for Moss to do that with Favre.

But remember, Moss did also have some bad memories in Minnesota.

Who could forget his “taking-your-pants” celebration where he pretty much mooned the fans after scoring a touchdown. Or when he sprayed water out of his water bottle at the referee? Or when he quit with three seconds left in the game?

But that’s back then. Moss has matured. You can whatever you want, but I think Moss is going to do well in Minnesota.

Favre has now got his wish in having Moss. Finally. Favre has been struggling because he doesn’t have his deep threat. And that deep threat is Sidney Rice, who won’t be back by Week Eight or so. But now Moss is in the building. And when Rice returns, the Vikings have a solid set of receivers like Rice, Moss, Percy Harvin, Greg Camarillo, Bernard Berrian, and Visante Shiancoe.

Plus, this puts a lot of pressure of running back Adrian Peterson, who is currently the team’s leading receiver surprisingly. But now all he needs to pay attention to is running the ball. With the receivers and Favre, the Vikings can roll in the running game. With Peterson, the Vikes can attack in the passing game.

It’s just that simple.

The defense just won’t know what is coming.

“To all the Vikings fans that are coming to the Metrodome, pull your 84 jerseys out, man,” Moss said. “I think this is going to be a fun ride.”

Indeed it is.

The Vikes will face the New York Jets this week. Many are saying the Vikings will struggle. Bosh! They will win. I think they can easily win. They know what’s coming.

With Moss, things are going to change.

Welcome back, No. 84!