Scobee Kicks the Jaguars Into Victory Over Colts, 31-28


Josh Scobee pulled off a huge kick, converting a 59-year-old to help the Jacksonville Jaguars advance over the Indianapolis Colts in a 31-28 victory. It was a huge game for the Jags and David Garrard, who were desperate to get a victory off their division rivals.

Garrard was entering the game with the most heat, though. With Jacksonville signing Trent Edwards, Garrard had to watch out. But he showed up today, and helped the Jags beat their most important division rival. With this win, the Jags have a chance at being on top of the AFC South division.

No matter what happens, the Colts will stand at third place in the AFC South. This is the first time Indianapolis starts their season out going 0-2 against their division rival since the 2002 league inception.

Peyton Manning excelled once again today, going 33-of-46 for 352 yards along with two touchdowns and only one interception. He would end the day with a 99.2 rating. Down 28-21 with two minutes to go, Manning showed himself as the Michael Jordan of the NFL.

On a fourth-and-ten with a minute and 46 to go, the Colts had to convert or it was all over. Manning would find Dallas Clark wide-open for a first down. But it still didn’t seem there would be a win for the Colts, let alone a tie. But Manning did a play no other quarterback could probably do. Faced with pressure, Manning stepped up in the pocket and found Reggie Wayne wide open. Wayne would be down in the goal-area. A couple of plays later, Manning would find Austin Collie open to tie the game up at 28.

But then came David Garrard and the Jaguars. They opened up the drive with, awkwardly, with a draw-play. It only went for eight yards and the clock was winding down. The Colts surprisingly called a time-out with 36 seconds remaining in the game, knowing they have a shot to win it. On second and two, Garrard missed Tiquan Underwood badly, underthrowing him by nearly five yards. The next play, however, he found Underwood again for a first down. The next play, Garrard went long and found Underwood again. The Jaguars were in a range that if they kicked a field goal for Josh Scobee, it would be 59 yards. Garrard dropped back and the Colts went with an all-out blitz, nearly sacking Garrard. Garrard hesitated and almost made his first turnover of the game as Kelvin Hayden dropped the interception.

And then came Josh Scobee. Two years ago, Scobee did something similar like this, kicking a game-winning field goal in the closing seconds. It was a 23-21 win. This was just different. Scobee would be kicking a much longer field goal. Jack Del Rio was very confident, as he said that he would go as far as him trying a 65-yarder. And Scobee drilled it. It seemed easy for the kid. It was in, and the Jags won 31-28.

Manning couldn’t do anything about it. The Colts’ offense played a stellar game. Joseph Addai ran for 63 yards on 16 carries with two touchdowns. Reggie Wayne had 15 catches for 196 yards. Dallas Clark had seven catches for 68 yards and a touchdown. It was all good.

The big problem was the defense. And they need to come through. They have been a problem so far this season. What’s really a big problem is the rush-defense, allowing another 100 yards, letting Maurice Jones-Drew run for 105 yards on 26 carries. David Garrard also had his share on the run, running for 44 yards on five carries with a touchdown.

Garrard was also 17-of-22 for 163 yards with two touchdowns and a 127.7 rating.

Mike Thomas had five catches for 68 yards.

The Colts face the Kansas City Chiefs next week. They need to be on task, as they will face the likes of a high-powered offense.