Big Brother Beats Up On Little Brother


The Indy Colts squared off last night against the NY Giants in a battle that wasn’t so much an inter-conference game as much as it was all about Peyton and his little brother Eli.  So after the game while the two shook hands, you can bet that baby brother was none to thrilled while walking away under big brothers thrashing.

The game was never really close and to be honest, I’m not sure why the hell the Giants offensive line kept forgetting that Dwight Freeney is a Pro-Bowl player.  Freeney harassed the younger Manning all night long.  To the point that Eli couldn’t throw the ball quick enough.  At times it literally looked like the offensive line hated Manning so much they played matador with the Indy defenders.

The game, basically, was ugly from the start.

The Colts however needed the win after their less than spectacular showing the week before when they got killed by the Texans.  With the Texans winning in OT at Washington, the Colts knew that last nights game was a must if they didn’t want to fall two games back to start the season.  They didn’t of course as it was never really close.

The elder Manning only threw 6 incomplete passes the entire game as he racked up 255 yards and 3 touchdowns.  The Colts were so far ahead at half-time that Jim Caldwell should have considered playing the back-up, Curtis Painter the entire fourth quarter.  While Manning is rarely dinged or touched, would it be so difficult to get the only other QB on the roster some playing time in case that day every does come?

For now, the Colts can take a victory and get on that winning road they are used to.  A beautifully played game on both sides of the ball puts the team at 1-1 and ready for next week.

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