Madden 2011 Demo features Colts @ Jets


Anyone reading who is a Madden fan needs to go download the Madden 2011 demo right now and get your first taste of how the Colts will look this year as you play against them versus the Jets.

The demo features full five minute quarters for the first time in history, and showcases the new new game planning and game flow features. Game planning is as you would expect, you can scout opposition tendencies and give values to each of the plays in your playbook based on what you want to call in certain situations. This works in conjunction with the game flow feature because now, instead of calling plays from a menu like in previous incarnations of the series, you can choose to have the offensive coordinator decide what play to call based on your game plan and relay it to you on the field. If you have a headset you can even plug that in and have the play called in your ear just like a QB would in a game.

Booting up the demo the first thing that is noticable is the improved presentation. I saw someone grilling burgers in the parking lot before the camera swept into the stadium past the concession stands and into the throngs of Jets fans. I did spot a number of Colts jerseys mixed in there too, one was a Manning and the other was personalised which I thought was a nice touch.

I like the way the new play call system works, and though I think there will be times when switching to the old method will be better I can certainly see myself using it. With the headset on it really does feel like you are in the middle of the action and I like the way the OC/DC give you little tips as the call the play.

As for the game itself, well if its anything to go by the Colts are in for a great season. Manning threw for 4 tds (Gonzalez 2, Addai and Clark) and Mark Sanchez was sacked 4 times and picked off twice. Final score was 30-0 and Sanchez left the game injured at the end of the 3rd. Even Cris Collinsworth, who normally drives my crazy with his smugness, was actually entertaining on commentary.

All in all the demo has me anticipating the NFL season (and the game) even more now. So go and download it, play it, and then come back and tell your Jet crushing exploits to the world.