What’s to become of the Offensive Line?


Personally, I am a big fan of the guys in the trenches. I love watching the fight that goes on between the offensive line and defensive line. These guys are going at it every single down. Other positions can take plays off or get away without making contact on a number of plays; not so for the linemen. These men are true warriors, engaging in battle each and every snap.

It is hard to make an argument that the offensive line for the Colts is in need of improvement, but I do believe that it is. I know that under their former coach, the offensive line allowed the fewest sacks in the league in 6 of the last 12 years. However, at the same time the Colts have been unable to get much of a running attack going.

Had they had a running game that ranked in the top 15 most of the last 12 seasons, we would be talking about how many Super Bowls they have won in the last decade instead of hoping Peyton can get a secod before he retires.

It has been good to hear that head coach Jim Caldwell thinks this is one area that needs to be better and that the team did work towards that effect during OTAs and minicamp. It was also good to hear that the unit has a chip on their shoulder and is looking to prove something.

I got nothing but love for you guys, but your run blocking leaves something to be desired.

The absence of longtime coach Howard Mudd will make the task a bit harder. He is arguably one of the better offensive line coaches in football, but following the Super Bowl he decided it was time to golf and go fishing rather than hang out with a bunch of man-mountains.