Greed is not good no matter who’s it is


Colt fans had to breath a sigh of relief recently when it was reported that the team had come to terms with safety Antoine Bethea. With Bob Sanders out most of the last two seasons with injuries Bethea stepped up admirably and played well.

Exact details of his contract were not released, but were reported to be around $27 million over the next four years.

With one major free agent down one would think that the Colts would then look to get the other two, Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis, into the fold as quickly as possible. Instead they are reportedly planning on stonewalling the wide receiver and defensive lineman.

What in the %^$#* is Irsay thinking? I understand not wanting players to just hold you up for more money by sitting out, but these are two guys that are pretty important to the team’s success. Without Mathis, every team the Colts play will double team Freeney; when that happens the secondary will have their work cut out for them.

Pierre Garcon looked good last season, but the Colts are crazy if they think he is ready to be a number one and trust Anthony Gonzalez to be a #2.

Then again Wayne is a little foolish too. He should have done this last year when he was a little younger and not so close to the end of the line himself.

What makes this all even more interesting is that the Colts seem more concerned about signing Peyton Manning to an extension; not just any extension though, but according to Irsay the fattest one in history.

Jim, I think Peyton is a Colt for life, but even he would not be that good without the time on offense and the support players around him. You might want to think about how you are spending your money a little bit.