Peyton Manning had to know that whate..."/> Peyton Manning had to know that whate..."/>

Manning Dishes a Little Dirt on Teammate


In a world that hinges off of everything that comes out of a celebrity’s mouth, Peyton Manning had to know that whatever he said when he went to South Grove Intermediate School in Beech Grove would get out.

Then again, since what he had to say was kind of funny he probably did not care though Dallas Clark may have a little to say next time the two play golf together.

It is no secret that football players willl do whatever they think might give them a leg up. When I played I wore boxers every day in practice (under the pads of course) when I forget to bring a different pair; I had a great season from that point on. I knew one guy that had to listen to the same ACDC song for hours prior to a game; another guy actually wore women’s underwear (not always under his pads).

When asked about some habits on the road Peyton went on about how some guys do have special sleeping habits and tricks that help them sleep as if they are at home, whether it is a special pillow or blanket.

Peyton’s roommate goes the extra mile to make it safe and comfortable like home– he brings his teddy bear.