Tough Day for Thomas


There has got to be nothing more frustrating for a young football player than the possibility of getting hurt and not getting your chance to shine. The Colt third round draft pick, Kevin Thomas, may be faced with just such a situation.

The exact extent of the injury was not made known to the public, but the Colts did say that Thomas did suffer an injury during the last workout of the day. The USC alum is already scheduled for surgery.

This could mean one of two things. Either Thomas is screwed and out for the year before the season is even close to starting or if Thomas has surgery now he may be able to come back in time for the 2010 season.

Losing Thomas for the season could prove to be deadly for the Colts hopes of getting back to the Super Bowl. The departure of Marlin Jackson left a void in the Colt’s secondary which Thomas was going to help fill.

“He certainly does have a very good pass defense skill set, where he can play man-to-man, which is something we’ve played a little bit more of than we have in the past,” Colts coach Jim Caldwell said after selecting Thomas. “He’s a guy who can walk up and pressure you a little bit and play some bump-and-run.”(ESPN)

Hopefully the young man is not hurt too bad. Get well soon, Thomas. The team could sure use you.