Favorites Once Again


It comes as no surprise to hear that the Colts are favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2011. Any team that is able to perform to such a high level of success for so long is bound to be seen as favorites; teams will also see them as a measuring stick to boot. Beat the Colts and ou know you are doing something right.

For the Colts to actually follow through on this early promise they will have to do something different. Last season proved how vital Peyton Manning is to the success of the team. They could have easily been a 5-11 team last season were it not for the heroics of the future Hall of Famer. With the revelation that he had been undergoing some degree of neck pain for some time made his performance all the more impressive.

However, that knowledge paired with the lack of any reliabel running game make the need of the Colts going into the draft next week painfully clear. These guys have to get some offensive line help.

So far this off-season the team has cutting players that were just not getting the job done las season and bringing in some new blood, some heavier guys that should be more effective in the run game. While this is important, the team may want to be more concerned with ensuring that Peyton’s back is covered.

I hate to say it Colt fans, but the man is not invincible; this last injury is proof positive of that. Beck and head injuries have been the undoing of a number of players of late, quarterbacks as well as other positions. Peyton is not getting any younger either. For as long as he has played, his body has to have taken a beating. If it takes too much of one now the star may be entering the broadcast booth sooner than we would like to see him.

With protecting Peyton Manning in mind, the following are a handful of guys that I hope the Colt brain trust is thinking of drafting next Thursday:

Charles Brown, T, USC: This former tight end has great feet, which you need to play in this offense.
Maurkice Pouncey, G-C, Florida: He could take over for Jeff Saturday when he retires but could start at guard until then.
Jason Fox, T, Miami: He suffered a torn ACL last season, which will drive down his stock. But he has talent.