Colts Not the Only Game in Town


When people think sports and the Midwestern city of Indianapolis, Indiana, they think about the Colts. These days, however, you can’t help but think about the Butler Bulldogs.

The little team that could is looking to continue its dream run later this week by accomplishing another first- a trip to the national title game. Playing in the Final Four is already a first for the team that goes to class less than ten miles from where the Final Four will tip off. The odds of them getting to the championship game are pretty good, too. Butler faces another #5 seed team in another upstart team, Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans.

I may be a little biased, but I do think that the Bulldogs are a much better team.  Butler finished the season with the better record of the two (32-4 next to the Spartans 28-8). I am no basketball expert, but yes, I know that the record is not the best indicator of the quality of a team in college basketball. The RPI ranking is though and Butler comes in at 12th while Michigan State is 28th.

While the sporting world will be going nuts for the Butler Bulldogs in a few days, there is still business as usual for the Indianapolis Colts. Talk still lingers around the Colts looking to draft offensive line help next month. Then again, they may be satisfied with the free agent pickups they have already signed. What ever they do, the offensive line will be the one place were the team must improve for the Colts to finally become the dynasty that they have been flirting with becoming.