Go Dogs!!!


I know this is not a NCAA site, but as a resident of the Indianapolis area and a sports fan with a creative outlet I feel it is my solemn duty to comment on the latest, greatest thing to hit the sports scene in our fair city. I’m talking about the Butler Bulldogs.

You see when I first moved to this city I was not even a fan of the Colts. After nearly a decade of living in the same area (a record for me), finding someone willing to put up with me and say ‘I do’, and even be willing to have a child with me one cannot help but feel grounded to an area- like you belong. As a result I have found myself rooting for the Colts, watching IU football, playing rugby against several loal colleges and even coaching a local high school team myself. I even find myself feeling a sense of pride when any of the teams in my new home (except the Pacers; can’t stand them- sorry) do well.

With the way the Butler Bulldogs are playing it is impossible not to feel some pride. For college athletes there is nothing like getting the chance to play for a national title, something which these youngmen will get a chance to do next week. What does make it better though is that they will be lucky enought to do so in front of a home crowd.

Colt fans, be proud of our Bulldogs, and just like many of them support Peyton and company,it is time to support them while it is there time to shine as well. Keep up the great job Bulldogs!!!