Running Backs As Far As The Eye Can See


Little premature on calling an end to he combine. For shame! And with the best guys still to come today (the D-line) and defensive backs tomorrow. Sorry guys!


With all the running backs getting cut these days one has to wonder whether the Colts should consider picking one up. Addai has been good, but not great; maybe they did not give him more of a role in the offense last season because they did not think he could handle it. Brown is young and still developing. One of the guys out on the market could provide the Colts with the offensive thrust they need to win the big one.

Brian Westbrook and LaDanian Tomlinson made a big splash about a week ago when they were cut. Both have vowed to play again. LT wanted nothing more than to win the Super Bowl in San Diego. Going to perennial contender and rival Indianapolis could be the way to go. However, Westbrook could be the better fit. During his time in Philly he was known for being just as dangerous a receiving threat han he was a running threat.

Surprisingly, Thomas Jones was let go by the Jets after having his best season to date. Of the three mentioned, he might be the most durable and reliable player although his style of game is far different than anything the Colts have tried in recent years.

Another intriguinng possibility could be Darren Sproles. It appears as if San Diego is okay with letting him go as well. A little small to be a full time player, splitting carries with Addai might give Indy a dangerous two headed rushing threat.

If there is any hole in the Colt’s game it is he rushing attack. It just doeas not exist. As a former defenive line player myself, I know how much easier it is when you just have to rush the passer. In there Super Bowl year, the two headed beast of Joseph Addai and Dominc Rhodes had the Colts rushing game ranked 18th in the NFL; this year they were 31st.