Class Act all the Way


Indianapolis has always been about doing things the right way, not cutting corners or throats in order to get the job done. Even when the end result is not what they want, the Colts hold there heads high, take pride in what they have accomplished and prepare to move on.

As a final gesture to the 2009 season that ended in heartbreak in Miami, the Colts went on a six stop “Thank You” tour around Indiana to do one last thing- thank the people that make it all possible, the fans. Yesterdy was the end to the week long journey that saw the Colts visit Louisville on Monday, Evansville and Terre Haute on Tuesday, and Mishawaka and Fort Wayne on Wednesday with the final stop Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday.

Fans got the opportunity to meet several players as well as the Colt mascot. They could also see the Lamar Hunt Trophy which the Colts earned for winning the AFC championship.

Doing so is not necessary at all and something that I have not heard about many- or any- teams doing. In a league where prices continue to rise to go see a game, jerseys and other fan gear cost an arm and a leg, and players whine about not making $5 million instead of $4 million, it is refreshing to see a team that takes the time to get in touch with the people. Without the fans, there would be no team.

Thank you Colts for having the class to take the time out to go on this mini-tour; thank you for saying thank you.