So When Does the Season Start?


After the loss to the Saints in the Super Bowl, like , many fans, I just had to take a step back for a while. When you are so good all season long only to fall short of the prize in the end- well, it sucks. Oh well. Time to move on. Who’s looking forward to next season besides me?

However, before I move completely on I have to tell you guys about something that I just read. I’m probably just behind, but I could not help but comment after reading this story.

Prior to the Super Bowl a school in Louisiana had given it’s students permission to where Saints gear in place of their usual uniform. Not surprising, right? Well, one student decided he would wear his Colts jersey instead. He was subsequently sent home from school.

Now if the story was just that, I would see nothing wrong with that. The principal had allowed one exception to the school’s dress code, and the student took it upon himself to wear something else. You break a rule, you suffer the consequences. However, it was the way that the principal handled it when he told the student,”If you like Indiana so much, why don’t you go back?”

Wow. I am all for team pride, but that is pushing it. As a education professional he should have known better. The situation has since been cleared up and the student is back at school, but the damage is done.

Sports are fun. I love playing and watching all kinds of sports myself. While I am a fan of many teams, I make no judgements on anyone based on their team favorite. In the end it is all a game, whether the participants are getting paid millions or just having fun. Education professionals should know better than to take a game so seriously that a comment like that is said. Who cares what team anyone supports; just be glad that the kid has something that he believes in.

Anyway…so when is the Hall of Fame game?