Moving On


With the game done and in the books it is time to do what every team has already started doing- looking to next year.

Peyton Manning will be going into his thirteenth season and looks better than ever. If wide recievers Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon can contine to mature that will give the Colts four viable receiving threats (the other two being Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark). Joseph Addai does tend to catch a good number of passes out of the backfield as well (possibly a fifth receiver?).

If there are any question marks anywhere it is in the same old place- the running game. Joseph Addai did well for most of the season, but never cleared the 100 yard barrier in a game and was short the 1000 yard goal comon for most running backs. However, much of that fault is not his. The Colts chose to emphaisze the pass more than ever this year gaining 4500 yards through the air and barely 1000 on the ground. Defenses knew coming in that they had little to worry about from the Colts on the gorund and would be able to key on the passing game.

Imagine if Addai or even Donald Brown was used on a much more regular basis. Both looked good at times throughout the season. However, neither was ever really featured in a game. Addai got the majority of the looks down the stretch and did well with them, but never enough to make defenders have to be concerned about the run.

Teams were competitive when they controlled the ball against the Colts. Perhaps if the Colts get better at that they will have a better ending to the season next year.