Alright sports fans, the talk is almost done, the pregame feel good stories are over and it is just about game time. No more talk about which gunslinger is better than the other, which receivers are going to make a difference and no more talk about Reggie Brush breaking anything. We will soon find out just how good Dwight Freeney’s ankle is, how bad Reggie Wayne’s knee might be, and just who want it more.

I don’t know about you, but this time right before the kickoff I love. There is no longer any more wondering or chatter; it’s just time to play. time to let the adrenaline flow, control the jitters, and put  a hat on someone.

I am fully aware of all the talk about the Saints winning one. I can feel for a team that has never won it before and especially one that has been through a lot of the stuff that the Saints and the people of New Orleans have been through.

While the players and fans of the Indianapolis Colts can feel for them as well, that does not mean they will lay down at all. In fact, it probably just gives them a little fuel for the fire that they would not have had otherwise- they are the emotional underdog. No matter what gives you that title and designation for a contest, you can’t help but get just a little more fired up and ready to kick some Saints all over the field.

I will not try and claim that the Colts are going to blow the Saints out of the water. I actually hope that they don’t. I have an appreciation and love of the game that goes beyond just having my team win. I hate it when the season ends with a blow out win. That means the game was not really a contests between the two bests because I do not believe that in this age of free agency that any one team can be that dominant. So above all else I hope that this contest between truly the two best teams in the nation is one for the ages.

Let’s go COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!