Talk About Brass Ones



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Who Dey? 

Who in the he*l do the Jets think they are?

Personally, I have never put stock in trash talk leading up to a game or cared what anyone said or did. The way I figured it, the immature idiots are the ones that talk smack and deserve to be ignored, talent or no. If they actually have talent then by trash talking they prove that they are too immature to actually know how to utilize it to the fullest.

In my mind the Jets have now proven that they are just that kind of team. In case you are unaware, these bragadocious fools have actually started taking pre-orders for AFC championship gear. I understand and appreciate that the NFL Shop is actually doing that for all four teams playing Sunday, but the Jets are the only ones actually promoting this.

From the NFL’s stand point I completely understand. They should be looking to take advantage of the business side of things, as long as they do it equally (which they do). However, for the Jets to be promoting it they are saying that they are showing how confidant they are in their ability to get a win against the Colts. It wouldn’t matter if their confidence was actually warranted; it’s a no class thing to do.

Going into the game today I was routing for the Colts, but primarily hoping/ looking to see a good game. Now I hope Peyton and crew demolish these guys the way they could have back in Week 16 if Caldwell had allowed it.