Championship Bound!


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J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

I have yet to hear any comments to this affect, but I sure hope the Colts are fired up for this game. With the streak ending in less than glamorous fashion against the Jets they should be looking for just a little retribution. Heck, the Jets would not eve be in the playoffs if it were not for the Colts tanking their regular season contest. Were the Colts to lose this Sunday there will undoubtedly be some angry fans since the team’s demise will be completely of its own doing.

The problem now might be that the Jets think they actually belong in the same stadium as the Colts. Sanchez has made improvements in his rookie year, but lets face it- the kid should have been in college last year. USC would have done better and Matt Barkley would not have had to learn te hard way so much; Carrol might not have left even. Thomas Jones has proven to be a powerful runner and along with Shonne Greene the Jet running game has the potential to take some serious time off the clock. Rex Ryan has managed to build a daunting defense, but whether they are really up to the challenge of the Colt’s offensive arsenal remains to be seen.

Generally I always hope to see a good game in the playoffs, but not this time. I hope that Peyton and the rest of the Colts take this opportunity to give something back to the fans by kicking the collective *sses of the Jets so bad they will wish their playoff hopes had ended the last time they entered Lucas Oil Stadium.

Go Colts!!!