Colt Fans Unite!


Ever want to just talk sports for a living? Last year the NFL decided that they would make this dream a reality for one special person who would be dubbed the Director of Fandemonium. A Minnesota Viking currently holds the coveted spot which he will soon have to relinquish to another lucky fan. Six fans are left and only one can take the top prize!

That brings me to the main point of this blog- as Indianapolis Colt fans not only should we support the team that we all love (or at least like a little bit) but we should support our fellow fans. See a guy that needs a beer at the game? Buy him one! Got an extra giant salted pretzel? Give it to the guy with the extra large soda! Most of all, take the time to make sure that the nex Director of Fandemonium is a fan of the best team in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts!

Nikki Gott is one of six fans that are still in the running. her enthusiasm and love for the game will make her the perect candidate for the job. However, if she is going to win it, she needs our help. Take the time to go to the following address and vote for Nikki by Monday at the latest (Monday, the bottom two will be disqualified).

She needs our help Colt fans so lets rally round and take  a few minutes to cast your vote. Go to this link ( and click on the Colt symbol. Nikki’s profile will pop up (or just see below). Click on vote and then your done!

Applicant Name:

Nikki Gott

Team Affiliation:

Indianapolis Colts

Nikki’s love for Indianapolis stems from knowing stories of the players’ lives and meeting some of them. Through these experiences, she’s realized the NFL showcases heart, character, perseverance, self-discipline and intelligence. She’s a constant student of her team, following their every move on the TV, internet and radio. Dubbed “The Fantastic Finisher” (an homage to her team’s quarterback), Nikki wants to be the next NFL Director of Fandemonium so she’ll have the opportunity to share her intense NFL passion.

Also if you would like to have the chance to win a little some some of your own then leave a comment after this blog entry to let me know that you voted for Nikki and why your a Colts fan. The best/ most creative comment will win a $50 gift card to the shop. She needs our help Colt fans so click on this link and vote!