What a Stinker!


I sure hope Jim Caldwell knows what he is doing because lately it sure does not look like it.

First he pulls the starers against the Jets with just enough time on the clock for the players and fans to be angry about the streak and the chance at true greatness. The only that was accomplished with that move was alienated the fan base. Now Polian and Caldwell will claim that they did it to preserve a chance at the Super Bowl (which would of course improve his profit margin). They forget that the business of football is also entertainment and this business decision last week turned off a lot of people from watching this brand of entertainment.

So with absolutely nothing to play for- no glory, no playoff spot, nothing-  and when it would make sense to sit the starters, especially in conditions like they had in Buffalo on Sunday, do they? No! Why? So a few guys could make some milestones for the season. What? Glad to see they have their eyes on the prize.

The Colts effort against the Bills was a slap in the face to not just Colt fans, but fans of football everywhere. It was not like they even tried to do anything but get Wayne and Clark their catches. There was no game plan. There was no real attempt to actually beat the Bills. All they did was satisfy the personal goals of a few players in the most boring fashion possible. Giving the fans something to cheer about was an afterthought.

Caldwell and Polian are probably sitting back right now wishing the could tell all the fans, “See! Look what happened to Welker! That could have happened to us!”

Football is a contact sport gentlemen. The longer you play, the more likely it is that you will suffer an injury. Playing not to get hurt, like the Colts did, is not what the game is for. I sure hope you guys get your act togther after not really playing for a month when the second round of the playoffs kick off in a couple weeks.

Boy, won’t they feel stupid if they lose.