Time to Shine


With the superstars for the Colts not expected to play much the game against Buffalo becomes almost a waste of time to watch. However, if you want to see the future of the Colts then maybe you should consider tuning in.

Whether or not Pierre Garcon or Austin Collie will play much is up in the air; I imagine they will have to get in some time since the Colts only carry so many receivers and Reggie Wayne will be out early. The guy I am looking forward to seeing is the other Colt receiver, a guy better known for who he married than who he is.

I have to admit when the Colts signed Hank Baskett after he got cut from Philly and Gonzo went down I got a little excited. I admit, I even went out and picked him up off the waiver wire in my fantasy league. Although he did not produce this year, this guy has a definite future whether it is here in Indy or somewhere else (Kurt Warner would love this guy).

Hank Baskett is my wife’s favorite player. She does not care that the guy has not gone over 50 yards for the season yet. She has seen him on his wife’s show, Kendra. The fact that he appears to be a pretty nice guy is all that matters to her.

Mr. Kendra brings all the intangibles that make a good receiver to the table. At 6’4” and 220 pounds he has the height to go up after a ball and the size to battle for possession with the best of defensive backs as well. At 27 years old, Baskett is at the point in his career when many receivers tend to explode and really show what they got. As a four time all-American academic honoree in college it is apparent that he is fairly intelligent player as well as athletically talented.

When given the chance he has shown that he has what it takes. In his rookie year with the Eagles he posted a 112 yard game on the Cowboys and a 177 yard one on the Falcons, two of the better defenses that year. His willingness to take on whatever roles he can to help the team helped him earn Special Teams MVP honors with the Eagles in 2007. Sadly, his time in Philly came to an end so that the organization could bring on that Michael Vick guy.

Baskett should be elated to be in a pass happy offense like the Colts. If any team will allow him to showcase his talents it will be the Colts; he just has to get on the field, which he should finally do against the Bills on Sunday.