Enough is Enough


Like fans and bloggers everywhere I could easily go on another rant about what I think about the call Jim Caldwell (and Bill Polian) made last week in refusing to even attempt legendary status by pulling the starters during the third quarter against the Jets (okay, so that was a veiled dig, but I promise I am done). I think the fans have been doing a great job of letting their opinions be known to the point where accusations were made that Polian cut his show short in order to escape the wrath.

Before I can move on alltogether I have to give a shout out to an Indianapolis community leader, Beurt SerVaas. Mr. SerVaas served on the city council for 41 years, many of them as the council president. After the ‘performance’ that the Colts gave last Sunday he proposed a resolution after what he called an insult of a game to the fans in Indianapolis. While it would really have no power what so ever, it would be a heck of a way of letting owner Jim Irsay know that the wrong call was made. Whether anyone takes the resolution and runs with it in the current city council remains to be seen; I just like the fact that he said it. Anyway…


There is still one game left that must be played and now more than ever it means absolutely nothing; no playoff seat in contention, no records to go for, no streak nor legendary status to attain. The only thing that does remain is the chance for one of Indiana’s own to seek a little redemption for a less than stellar performance.

Curtis Painter was not born in Indiana, but moved to Vincennes at a young age. As a three year starter at Lincoln High he threw for close to 5000 yards and 49 touchdowns while scoring an additional 17 on the ground while compiling a record of 28-7. Curtis would remain in Indiana for his college career attending nearby Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. The former Mr. Football finalist would go onto to start 41 games (playing in 46) and throw for 11,163 yards, 67 touchdowns to 46 interceptions with a completion percentage of 60%. As a sixth round pick he was probably just happy to be on a team. Being behind Peyton Manning certainly did not give him hopes of playing anytime in the near future.

As the whole football world knows, he got his chance last week and pretty much blew it. To go over the stats would be meaningless- the guy stunk. However, now he will likely play for a majority of the game instead of a quarter and a half. This time he will be lining up against the Buffalo Bills (not the swarming Jet defense) making his chance for success a little greater.

Curtis Painter is better than what he showed last week and I for one look forward to watching the young man redeem himself this Sunday in Buffalo. Good luck, Curtis.