To Play or Not to Play…


That is the question these days among the Colt faithful television analysts alike.

On one hand there is the pursuit of perfection, a feat that only two other teams hae ever accomplished during the regualr season, the 2007 Patriots and the more legendary 1972 Dolphins. For those that are not up on their NFL history, the Dolphins have been the only team to maintain an undefeated record throught the post season as well.

So while the Patriots did have a perfect regular season, the Dolphins are the only team to ever have a perfect season. That is what is on the line for the remainder of the reguar season since the Colts are already in the post season, and these last two games only matter as part of the team’s final record.

On the other hand, by playing Manning and the other major players on the team you take the risk of getting hurt therefore tanking your post season run before it even starts. With the Super Bowl being the ultimate goal, is it not ore prudent to protect your stars rather than play them in meaningless games?

To answer the question- to play or not to play- I pose another question(s). Who won the 1993 Super Bowl? or the 1982? or the 1988? or the 1974? or the 2001? or last year?

More than likely even the most diehard of fans will not know all the answers. Ask who won the 1972 Super Bowl and the majority of fans will know. Why- because the 1972 Dolphins were perfect.

The patritos have proven that a perfect regular season is within reach. This year has also proven how fleetig that perfection can be. Winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal each year. If the Colts had never won one before I would be all for resting Manning, Freeney, Mathis, Addai, and Wayne this week. Winning one does raise the level of the organization. However, while great once the Super Bowl Patriots are gone; the greatest show on turf is far from St. Louis.

The Colts have more than just a chance to win the Super Bowl this year; they have a chance to acheive something even bigger than hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. They have a chance to reach a level of excellence, a level of greatness only seen one othert time in the history of the National Football League. They have a chance to become more than champions of the 2009 season.

They have a chance to become legendary.

1972 Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins

2007 Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts at the White House