And then there was one…


The Indianapolis Colts have been made a little more unique thanks to the Dallas Cowboys. In a game that no one saw coming, the mighty Saints were felled by the Cowboys from Dallas in a 24-17 shocker Saturday night. With the conclusion of the game the Colts became the only undefeated team in the league. The question remains as to whether they will remain that way or if they will even try.

It was surprising to see the Colts play their starters for the duration of the game on Thursday against the Jaguars. However, it made sense when listening to the Peyton Manning interview after the game as he referred to the team wanting to work on doing some things better.

Now the question remains as to how much work the head coach Jim Caldwell thinks need relative to the risk of injury. The remaining two games should not be too challenging for the team; play the starters and chances are strong that the Colts will finish the season undefeated. New York could provide a decent challenge if they come with their ‘A’ game, but even then the Colts should be able to handle them. Sorry Buffalo, but your team is just plain bad; the only thing that might keep the Colts from winning that game is if the whole team gets snowed into their hotel the night before.

Even if the team did go with mostly backups the possibility of going undefeated is still pretty strong. Reggie Wayne would probably be the only receiver to sit; Garcon and Collie have proven to be quite capable. Brown would play more than Addai, but when he was getting more carries earlier this season he looked pretty strong too. Tom Santi proved earlier this year that he could step in at tight end. Although Curtis Painter has not been battle tested in the NFL he played a pretty good game at Purdue.

Whatever Jim Caldwell decides to do for the remaining two games, it will definitely be an exciting end to the 2009 regular season.