Will the Colts go Undefeated?


For years you would always here about the 1972 Miami Dolphins popping the cork on the champagne whenever the final undefeated team would fall. Now that the Patriots have gone undefeated during the regular season (only to fall in the game that really counts, the Super Bowl) that talk has pretty much died away.

The Patriots have proven that the before thought unattainable is no longer a goal that is out of reach. This season the Colts are still one of two undefeated teams still looking to make that mark. There road is not going to be a simple one though.

This week they face off against a division rival in the Houston Texans, a team they beat 20-17 at home in week 9. The Texans had a chance in the end only to fall short; they would love to exact a little revenge on their home field. With Matt Schaub and the rest of the Texan offense clicking pretty good (except for kicker Kris Brown) the road through Houston will not be an easy one.

That game will be followed by another divisional opponent in the Tennessee Titans. Since making the switch from veteran Kerry Collins to Vince Young the Titans have been on fire. The Titans will have to win to continue to have a shot at a wild card berth and will be looking to avenge a rather embarrassing loss in week 5.

Denver looked like a contender early on this season, but almost appear to have forgotten how to play football lately. Jacksonville has been playing much better of late, but they are not even close to being in the same class as the Colts. New York (Jets) looked pretty good early on this season much like the Broncos. It will be interesting to see the maturation of rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez, but it is doubtful that the Colts will drop their final home game of the season. The only thing that could make the Colts lose to the Bills in week 17 would be if Jim Caldwell decides to sit Peyton, Reggie, Addai, Brown, and most of the defense while putting Vanderjagt behind center (if he’s even allowed back in the country). Yes, I think the Bills are that bad.

The next two weeks will be the real test for the Colts who have looked unstoppable regardless of whether they put up 40 or put up 17. It will also be interesting to see what Caldwell decides to do once the Colts wrap up the division and home field advantage.

Undefeated or not, the Colts look to be the team to beat- if anyone dares to try!