Ten year ago when I moved to ..."/> Ten year ago when I moved to ..."/>

Everyone Loves a Winner Whether you Want to or Not


Ten year ago when I moved to Indianapolis I could have cared less about the Colts. As far as I was concerned, the Colts were only a blip on the radar due to their infamous departure from Baltimore years earlier.

So naturally I resisted becoming a Colt fan. I openly cheered for whoever they were playing just to see them lose. I talked bad about them; I questioned every decision made. I made it obvious to anyone and everyone whether they cared or not that I was not a follower of the Indianapolis Colts.

Regardless of my feelings on the Colts or any other team I am a fan of the game first and foremost. Even though I did not care for the home team I watched the Colts play each and every Sunday like clockwork. It was either that or miss most of the football on television. That was not going to happen.

In time I began to think that these guys aren’t half bad. Eventually I even had to admit that they were pretty good; with their record that Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy and crew compiled over the last few years how could a person not? While many of the Colt faithful likely feel differently, I like new head coach Jim Caldwell more than Dungy. As I have watched these guys more and more, year in and year out I have found that something has changed inside me. I have actually begun to cheer for these guys. Just like the persistent nerd eventually won over the hot cheerleader these guys had won me over.

I am a Colts fan; even more so after a victory like they had over the Ravens.

I have long believed that the sign of a good team is not only one that can put up the points and stop the other team, but one that can overcome adversity whether it is created by themselves or their opponent. Turnovers definitely qualify as such as Peyton threw two. However, capitalizing on those turnovers is just as important as making them. Flacco had the Ravens clicking on all cylinders in the second half and was looking to go ahead when that tenacious defense of the Colts made a game saving play. Gary Brackett’s interception on the 13 yard line was just the icing on the cake that the Colt needed to remain one of two undefeated teams in the NFL.

Nice job Colts. Can’t wait to see what you guys can do next week!